27 September 2005

Last-minute flowers

Here's another project picture. Unfortunately, it began as a result of a big problem. Earlier this month, my mom-in-law called to inform my husband that he forgot her birthday! He, and I, felt horrible. After4 years of marriage I really should keep track of such things. So I immediately started these lovely flower washcloths from the book 'Weekend Knitting'. It took me less than a weekend, thank goodness and we sent them off with some lovely soap and the gift was a hit. Hopefully it made up for the forgetfullness!
They're knitted with cotten chenille yarn. It feels really nice but I didn't really like knitting with it. The finished project feels so soft though, I think I need to knit one for myself now!

25 September 2005

Introducing . . .

. . . me! Before I get too far ahead of myself with pictures and knitting stuff (as good as all that is) I think I should say a little about myself. I live in the greatest city ever - Portland, OR- though I'm one of those people who was raised in California. I have lots of pets,

Bradely, all wet and happy after swimming.

one husband and 1 new (to me) house. The house, by the way, is the reason I missed going to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend! I got so caught up doing work on the house that I totally spaced on the festival and forgot it was this weekend! Of course I remembered too late to get there yesterday and today I have to work. Anyone buying an old, fixer kind of house should definitely weigh risks such as this. It's probably a good thing in the end, though, because I shouldn't be spending any more money on yarn right now. I have a lot of projects that need finishing.

As I mentioned yesterday, I sewed a great roll-up knitting needle case. Here are some pics. The print fabrics are cotton upholstery fabrics and the solid is a sateen cotton.

Now my needles can be neat and tidy! I just need something for those pesky circulars . . .

24 September 2005

Yeah, blogging!

This is my blogging debut and I'm very excited. I love other knitting blogs and seeing what everyong is knitting up is so cool and inspiring that I thought I should join in the fun. Currently, I am super proud of myself for a lovely knitting needle case I sewed, loosely following the pattern from the 1st Stitch n Bitch book. I'll post pics tomorrow.