29 November 2006


Hi readers. The 2 questions I got about my last post were: Where did you get the elephant buttons? and Who is the lucky baby that gets the sweater?

I got the buttons at a store here in Portland and I don't remember the brand. Sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted to buy then online. They're probably there somewhere but I don't know where.

The baby is, or will be, MY baby! My lack of knitting and blogging lately is because I have been feeling really sick and tired. I think I went almost a month without knitting because all I could do was sleep or lie on the couch watching stupid tv. I'm starting to feel better now so I'm happier and slightly more productive.

I've been knitting my frost flowers and leaves blanket but it doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere. It's quite repetitive.I took it off the needles and spread it out so I could see that it really has gotten bigger. It's about 2 1/2 feet square so I still have a ways to go. It was fun to see it all spread out but it took almost an hour to get all those stitches back on the needles!

My other project has been dying yarn with natural plant dyes. I'm taking a class at Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks and it's super fun! I think I'm hooked. The little skeins at the top of the post are tiny mini skeins I dyed at the first class so we could practice. They're tinier than they look in the picture. I could maybe knit one baby bootie out of each one. Any ideas for what to do with them?These are my skeins from the last class. The blue is indigo, the pink is cochineal (actually a bug, not a plant) , the yellow is osage orange and the purple is logwood. I don't remember what the other dyes were. Next week I get to dye the rest of my yarn and I can't wait!

08 November 2006

I've been knitting!

Remember me? Not only do I still know how to knit but I've been knitting again!

I picked up my frost flowers and leaves shawl/blanket and have started working on it again. I was surprised at how easily the pattern came back to me. Even though I hadn't worked on it in weeks, I don't have to look at the pattern very often. I'm going to put it on scrap yarn soon because I have no idea how big it is! It doesn't look much different than the last photo I posted but trust me, it is.

I also knitted this quick baby sweater last weekend. It's Inca Cotton and I wish I had enough to knit myself a sweater with it. It's so soft! I found these adorable elephant buttons and they really finish the sweater. I sewed a ribbon to the inside so the buttons wouldn't pull on the stitches too much. That's all for now! You'll be hearing from me more regularly now that I have things to show you! There's nothing like the cold, rainy fall weather to make me start knitting again.