18 October 2007

Darn dog!

My dog has done the unthinkable. Something he's never done in the 3 wonderful years that I've had him. He ate my knitting! And not just any old knitting- the first thing I managed to complete since Sairshe was born! I was so happy to have finished something and then, before I could even block it, stupid Bradley ate it. It was a pretty lace scarf knit with Kidsilk Night. A little fuzzy, a little glittery, and now totally ruined. Impossible to frog. Nothing can be salvaged. It feels terribly wrong to throw Kidsilk in the garbage. I think Bradley's suffering from a disastrous combination of baby jealousy and boredom. I would feel sorry for him if he hadn't EATEN my scarf!! And he occasionally gets to curl up on my Boppy. Is that so terrible? Is it, Bradley?! No, I thought not. DON'T eat any more knitting!

My current project (that is staying far away fro the dog) is Bpt from Knitty. I'm using Cascade 220 Quatro in the Jamaica colorway. The color is so pretty in real life. This picture doesn't quite capture it. It's much more green but it's cloudy and blustery outside so I can't get good light for a true picture. I'm doing a turned hem instead of the applied I-cord and I'm undecided on the hood. I'll decide when I get there. Here is proof that the girl is going to be a knitter! We went to an alpaca ranch last weekend and Sairshe loved them! With this kind of beginning, how can she not grow up loving fiber? That's Snow White that she's petting and you can see her cute little baby next to her.
P.S. I hope you like my new look! I decided that it was time for a fresh start and there's nothing like some pretty flowers to get you through the cold, gray seasons.


Carol said...

I had the same problem with our dog Angel when our grandson Nate was born.But she soon got over it! and now her and Nate are best friends.

P.S. Love the new look for your blog.

carrie said...

the new look is great!

i can't believe you dog did that, but i can see why you forgive. what a doll.

Miss Michelle said...

thats one pretty pit you have there! I have a year old am staff, and he has yet to eat any of my knitting. *KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK*

He didn't meant it, look at those big sad eyes, "I'm sorry momma... :("


nessagr said...

awwwww, but with that face- how can you stay mad? Well, it was kidsilk haze, but awwww... (I'm such a sucker for a doggie face)