23 October 2005

Meet Phoebe!

Check it out- 2 posts in the same day!
Meet Phoebe! She's my hybrid German Angora bunny. Isn't she beautiful? I have tons of her fur saved and really want to learn how to spin it. Nevermind that everyone says angora is hard to spin. I have dreams of mittens with super soft cuffs made of Phoebe's fur. I started giving her a haircut tonight. It takes a long time since her fur is so thick so I'll finish tomorrow and post an after pic later. Here's one of her getting a haircut. I gave her a giant chard leaf to munch on to keep her occupied.
Here's a Gyrid update. I finished the back and added a small cable design just below the neckline to spice it up. It's blocking on my bed. My bed isn't usually covered with black plastic. Mike painted the bedroom today (see the pretty grey-blue wall in the background?) so that's a tarp to keep paint off the bed. It still smells like paint in there so we're going to sleep in the guest bedroom. In the meantime, the bedroom's a pretty good place to block some knitting, don't you think?
And . . . Here's my sock. It just keeps growing because I don't know when to start the heel! I think I'm going to have to soon. I'm just scared I'll mess it up. But it's pretty so far.


Brooklyn Handspun said...

Phoebe is so friggin cute! I would love a bunny, but I don't think the cats would appreciate it. The socks are looking great, don't worry about messing up - I had to cast on 3 times and then rip back the heal twice, but I'm almost at the toes now!

Lolly said...

Hi Phoebe! She is such a puff ball :) Love your Dublin Bay! I really like it with the stripes :)