19 October 2005


I discovered socktoberfest over at Lolly's blog. Click on the button below to check it out.

Since I am a socktoberfest member, I thought I'd better start knitting my socks. So, 3 attempts later, here it is- My first inch of a beautiful sock! I started with a different pattern and then changed my mind. Then I read the pattern wrong and cast on too many stitches. When I cast on a third time, I counted wrong and cast on too few! I realized about 10 rows down. Oops. I was starting to feel stupid because I couldn't count but then I finally got it right.

The pattern I'm using is Ryan's free Dublin Bay pattern. It's a simple sock but has a small lace pattern down the sides. I'm excited that my stitches are starting to look like a real sock!

I also finished the back of my Gyrid top but couldn't get a good picture tonight.

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Brooklyn Handspun said...

Lookin' good, I like the colors! hopefully I'll have the nerve to start my first pair tonight, I have the needles and yarn ready to go, I've got to cast on already before I chicken out!