15 December 2005

Another finished gift!

I am on a roll. Christmas is almost here and my presents are almost all done! Well, except for the scarf I haven't started yet because the yarn is taking forever to get here. My most recent finished project is a scarf for Margitha, my stepmom. This is the scarf that started out as gloves and then briefly was the ruffles scarf from Scarf Style but now it's a lace pattern with beads. The beads are little pale pink leaves. I finished sewing them on earlier this week and I just wrapped it all up today.
The yarn I used was Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino. I used exactly 2 skeins and the finished size after blocking is just over 6" wide and 4' 5" long. I don't remember what size needles I used. I took it off the needles a while ago. 6's maybe?
I didn't use any particular pattern. It's just a simple lace pattern. The two panels on the sides are slightly narrower than the middle panels to give it a little variation. I hope Margitha likes it!

Several people have commented on my little stocking Christmas ornament that has the dtar of David on it. It's for my friend David who is Christian but since his name is David, he likes the star of David a lot.


punkindunkin said...

drool drool drool

It’s absolutely beautiful!

Anyone who gets that for Christmas is damn lucky! You're incredibly talented. How long have you been knitting?

Brooklyn Handspun said...

the scarf is lovely and with baby cashmerino it's got to be so soft...I'm sure she will love it! I sure would.