04 December 2005

knitting for men

I was seaming my (Mike's) flame sweater lastnight and feeling unappreciated. Since I've started seaming it, I've made Mike try it on several times to make sure it's fitting right, the sleeves are long enough, etc. When I ask him to try it on he kind of grumbles and then once it's on, while I'm marveling at it's great fit and my amazing knitting skills, he jokes about it being in tatters and talkes about all the strings hanging off it. I was starting to feel unappreciated because he hasn't said anything like "it looks great" or "it seems to fit really well".

Then I realized I am being stupid. It's not that he doesn't appreciate all my work, he just has never had any doubt that it's going to be great. He figures that if I'm knitting it for him, it's going to fit him and look awesome. I really should just shut up and be flattered that he thinks my knitting is that great. He has none of the paranoia that I, the knitter, have that it's not going to turn out well. And, to top that off, he constantly says that he wants me to finish it so he can wear it on Halloween/Thanksgiving/to church/to the party this weekend, blah, blah, blah. You would think the fact that he is so eager to wear it and really wants me to finish it would be all I needed to feel appreciated.

So, as of now I am going to stop coaxing the "yes, Casey, I really like it" comments out of him and let him show me that he likes it in his own way. Why do I sometimes make things more complicated than they need to be? I am going to finish the sweater tonight. I'm close, really. Just seaming the sleeves and knitting the neckband. Stay tuned for the picture . . .

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Cassie said...

These are great thoughts about knitting and appreciation, whether knitting for men or anyone else. Although I suspect that men are less likely to be effusive than the rest of us (at least mine is).