09 February 2006

Catching Up

B is for . . . Bradley and his Blue Bone. The blue bone is his favorite toy. He got it a year ago for Christmas and it is still remarkably in pretty good shape. A goofy dog with a blue bone hanging stupidly out of his mouth is a common sight at my house.

B could also stand for broken computer. My laptop is broken so my posts have been a little sporadic lately. I've wanted to post more often but I just can't.

C is for . . . Cables!! I have postponed my second red sock in order to knit Mike a scarf. I know I said I was done with gift knitting but he's been wanting a scarf forever and after the fun I had knitting my backyard leaves scarf, I decided to do it for him. He picked out the yarn- Rowan felted tweed- because he had to have tweed even though it's not the softest yarn ever. He also picked out the cable pattern. Sorry about the slightly blurry picture. I had a hard time getting the cables to show up with the lack of natural light to help the camera out. This is the best one I got. The color is a pretty chocolate brown with little flecks of white and light blue. So far he really likes it but I'm not going to finish it for a while because the olympics start tomorrow! Good luck everyone!


candsmom said...

I hate when my computer acts up, too. :-P Your cabled scarf is gorgeous!! I love the tweedy flecks and the cable pattern is just gorgeous. Mike's a lucky guy! ;-) Good luck to you with the Olympics... can't wait to see your progress on River! Take care, Casey! :-)

~kirsten~ said...
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Julie said...

Hey there Casey... this is Julie from last night at Lisa and Kirsten's. I have a blog now. You can check it out on knittingzfun.blogspot.com. Hope you have a good day at work. Where do you work? How is your scarf coming along? You should put pics on your blog!!! :)