11 February 2006

The olympics have started!

Oh, the fun has begun! Mike and I went to an opening ceremonies party last night hosted by the lovely Lisa and Kirsten and I made a great start on River. You can't tell in this picture (Mike, the photographer, stood in the wrong spot but that's okay) but there were two other knitters and a crocheter present as well as Kirsten who didn't actually knit anything but tormented us fiber lovers by sharing the new and fabulous yarn she has gotten recently. Mike even played the part of a good knitter's husband and tried to steal Kirsten's beautiful Vesper sock yarn for me. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful. I may have to buy my own. It was a fun night and Kirsten and Lisa painted flags and we all got to pick one to cheer for. I picked Japan and am pleased that they have a fair number of athletes so I will probably get to see some of them compete. That's probably not the case for Amber who is rooting for Kenya- they only have 1 guy but I do hope he wins something (although winning isn't everything). Julie was disappointed in Germany-her chosen country-because their opening ceremony outfits were so ugly. Hopefully their athletic skills will make up for their outfits. I was hoping that Japan, with all their uber-trendy fashion would be wearing something interesting but they went with boring white with a splash of white. (Speaking of outfits-did anyone else notice Belarus' scarves? They were so pretty! I want to knit one.) It was really fun and I loved having the flags. It really made us all pay attention to more than just the US. There are those commercials that say that during the olympics we are all rooting for the same team-the US- but we are a country that has people of all races. As Kirsten put it- Go team world!

Back to the knitting- check out my River! It's looking good and even though I had two drinks lastnight, I found no mistakes this morning. It was kind of daring of me to try to watch the opening ceremonies, knit lace and drink at the same time but I'm here to tell you that it can be done.

Lat night we all thought the opening ceremonies were too long and we were almost asleep by the time they ended but I must say that the lighting of the torch was really worth staying up. It was really cool looking and there's something so great about the tradition.

Is anyone even reading this or are you all too busy knitting?


Isis said...

I'm reading. In case I haven't said Hi before...I have been reading your blog for about a month now. I live in Portland, I knit and am participating in the Knit Olympics too. Hi! (waves)

candsmom said...

I'm definitely reading! One good thing about not joining the Knitting Olympics is that I get to cheer everyone else on. ;-) Looks like River is off to a very auspicious start- it looks beautiful, Casey! And Mike is definitely a keeper for trying to steal the Vesper for you. ;-) Can't wait to see more pics of River... take care! :-)

yahaira said...

go casey!! we're cheering you on!! it's nice to be in the stands for this one.

Knittingzfun said...

GGGGOOOOO Casey!!!!! I'm rooting for you and your knitting!!! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be like Casey!!!

laurie said...

I'm reading too (even if I'm not posting). I cast last night for my Olympic challenge: the Dublin Bay socks. This time, I'm going to do it. I'm determined to get over the false starts and actually knit socks.

River looks great so far and you're so brave to combine knitting, opening ceremony, and alcohol.

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Wow lace, TV and drinking...Impressive! I can barely knit lace fully awake, sober, and staring at the chart!