21 March 2006

Hurry up spring weather!

I finished something! I started knitting soleil last summer and just now finished! I didn't quite finish it last summer when the weather started getting cold so I put it away until now. In honor of project spectrum, I decided to finally finish it. I thought I had a bit more to knit on the straps but when I pulled it out of the basket a few days ago, I realized that all I had to was graft the straps together and crochet around the edges. Why couldn't I have quickly done that last summer? I figured I'd have it done in 1/2 hour or so but three evenings later, I was still crab stitching around the edges! I do not like crab stitch but it did turn out nicely. Here's a close up of the lace edge.
Here are the details for all you detail lovers:
Pattern: soleil, from knitty. It's a great pattern.
Yarn: Bamboo from southwest trading company. It's really shiny and has a really nice drape. This yarn feels a little rough but it's nice to wear against the skin. I guess rough isn't the right word. It just has some texture to it that is really interesting. I think it'll be great in warm weather- I just need that warm weather to get here!
Modifications: I made it about an inch longer than specified and I think it's perfect!

In other news, I'm behind in the ABC-along (again) so here is my F photo. F is for Farm Fresh. I belong to a CSA, which stands for community supported agriculture. In my case, I'm a member of the 47th Ave Farm in Portland and every 2 weeks inthe winter months and every week in the summer months I get a bunch of seasonal, locally grown, organic produce. Here is part of today's share.
Clockwise: Sprouting broccoli florets, rosemary, broccoli raab (actually not related to broccoli!), the prettiest head of cabbage ever, an entire salad bowl of kale and purple broccoli. We also got potatoes, onions and parsnips. I love veggies!
Support local farmers and get organic veggies by finding a CSA in your area!


Knittingzfun said...

Oh my goodness Casey... that is absolutely beautiful!!! One of these days I'm actually going to finish a sweater that I've started to the point of getting to wear it. I did finish my first pair of socks today though... socks for some reason scare me and I'm working on getting over that fear because there are so many cool sock patterns out there.

Karen said...

Your soleil made me gasp . . . it's just so beautiful!!! Wow!!! Let's hope the warm weather starts soon so you can get some wear out of that lovely top!! And those veggies look so yummy. Boy, I'm hungry now. :)

Isis said...

Oh, your soleil turned out very pretty. Red is my favorite color. I have been thinking of making the same tank myself soon. Great work on finishing it.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Your Soleil is gorgeous!

candsmom said...

Your Soleil is GORGEOUS!! It looks fantastic on you and the color you chose is absolutely beautiful! I love the drape and sheen of the Bamboo- it really dresses it up. Your veggies look delicious, too! I love fresh organic veggies- I wish we had a CSA group like that. I'd definitely support it! Fantastic job on Soleil.. take care, Casey! :-)

Rox said...

Soleil is fabulous!! Chanting... Hurry up Spring!!! :)

Kathy said...


HI! I am your April post card swapper. DON"T get too excited. My last month swapper got 3 cards from me. One, the last, was my homemade card. I was nearly embarassed to send it. Let's hope I improve this month for your sake!

I love your soleil. My daughter Al, knit it last summer and it is stunning on you as well.
Im a sock knitter. My favorite yarn .......well, I like solids for lace socks. For great colorways try knitpicks sock yarn. You cannot beat their prices.

I'll put you in my fav's now!

kathy b.

abbytrysagain said...

Great job Casey!
Your soliel is amazing! That is also very cool that you belong to a CSA. James and would love to join one. At first we thought that since there are only two of we might waste the food but I guess there are some that will do half orders. I am going to check them out. EEK-not sure if I can make knitting now because James made an appointment to get our taxes done tomorrow after work. Oh well. Anywya-great job!!!

Agnes said...

Lovely! The red is very very vibrant!