08 April 2006

Another rainy day

It's been a nice week weatherwise here in Portland. Then I woke up this morning, my ONLY day off this week (I get to work 9 days with only 1 day off in the middle- it's great.) to a grey sky and drizzly, constant rain. That's the worst kind, in my opinion. I have been knitting, though, and I actually have some progress to show off. First, though, I have a pink/red Project Spectrum loose end to tie up. Here is the postcard I sent to my postcard pal.
It's a collage made from magazine pages. It's being propped up by an angel bell that was my grandma's. I haven't seen any mention of it on my pal's blog so I thought I'd post it here since I think it's pretty and I'm proud of it. Hopefully she got it. Sadly, I received not a single postcard in the mail last month but this month's pal seems promising. She has already sent me a recipe for an orange cake.

My "modern bustier" from alterknits is almost finished. The knitting is done and last weekend I bought fabric, ribbon to lace it up with and grommets. I got home allready to finish it and then realized that the grommet setter didn't work with the size grommets I bought. WHY does Michael's place things next to each other that don't actually work with each other?!?! It was very annoying and I haven't been back to Michael's yet to get what I need. In the meantime, here's a preview. The fabric is a really pretty grey-green silk. I initially wanted chocolate brown fabric but the store didn't have a good shade of brown silk and then I fell in love with this color and all was well.

Since the bustier doesn't require any more knitting, I have a new project. It's the "corset pullover" from interweave knits. I've seen pictures of the pattern and have been wanting to knit it for some time and then I just saw that it's free on their website! Here's my progress so far. The yarn is knitpicks shine sport so my guage is really different than the pattern. Luckily I am one of those strange people that loves math.Yellow is my favorite color so I'm really excited that it's yellow and orange month at Project Spectrum. Here are some of those colors around my house.


Karen said...

Ugh, one day off out of nine and you get RAIN??? That just isn't fair. If we had any sunshine here I'd send you some . . . but it's gray and rainy in CT too. I can't wait to see your bustier all done - it looks great so far. I agree about the Michael's thing . . . don't put stuff together if it doesn't go together!! I like all your yellow / orange stuff - I've got quite a bit in my house to, but haven't worked up the energy to photgraph them yet!

Kathy said...


What a wonderful idea to arrange a bookshelf by colors! May I steal it?

GLad you liked your orange cake recipe mail. More by snail mail soon

carla rey said...

I just found your blog through the ABC Along, and I love it. Your photos are wonderful, and I love, Love, LOVE that tube top. Genius!

Anyway, glad I found you. I'll be back.

candsmom said...

So sorry about all that rain! We've been getting quite a bit of it here, so I feel your pain on that one. I can't even imagine having to work nine days straight, though!! You certainly deserve some sunshine! At least you have your beautiful PS yellow montage to brighten an otherwise dreary day! And I love your pink/red postcard!! I'm so sorry to hear that things didn't work out last month with the swap, but I'm glad that this month looks better. I love that corset, too! I can't wait to see yours knitted up- I've been thinking about knitting it and am looking forward to seeing your sportweight version. Take care, Casey! :-)

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Sorry about the rain - but at least you were off and could then just relax. I think the postcard is so pretty - and I love the Project spectrum colors.

Bonnie said...

Project Spectrum has produced some very interesting posts! Love the yellow flash of color!

Kristen said...

HI! I am about to try my hand at the bustier too...was wondering if you had any advice or helpful comments about the pattern? Thanks!!