29 October 2007

Am I the last one on earth?

Am I the last person out there who has knit a Clapotis? I did this summer and now I know what all the fuss was about. What a great pattern!I used Knit Picks Shimmer in the Happy Dance colorway. I triple stranded it and the result is a lovely fabric with a lot of drape. It's thick enough to really keep out the chill but it's light and airy at the same time. I love it! The alpaca and silk is a fabulous combination. I could wear this every day.

I had a little bit of yarn leftover and I decided to use it to knit the baby a hat. We went to visit my dad this weekend and I knit it while I was there. I was distracted by visiting with all my relatives and, of course, by a crying baby, so I didn't try it on her while it was in progress. Bad decision. It's really cute but a little too big around. The best thing to do would be frog it and start over but I have so little time to knit nowadays that I don't know if I can do that. I thought of taking out the top seam and frogging an inch or so, then decreasing for a few rows when I reknit it. That way, I can flip it over and have the narrower "top" be the bottom so it's snug around her head. I can seam the cast on edge to then be the top. Or, I could just leave it alone and knit a chin strap to keep it on her head. What do you think?

Here's a picture from our trip. This is the southern CA part of my family. That's my 94 year old grandpa on the right! I'm so happy he got to meet his great granddaughter. My dad is next to my grandpa. To see more cool photos (some of my fam, but mostly not) visit my cousin's blog. She's an amazing photographer!


chrispy said...

what about threading a ribbon through the current bottom hem and using it to cinch up the hat, then the baby can wear it when they are older.

Heide said...

Hey there! I'm up yonder in Vancouver... and to date I've not knitted a Clapotis(Making a big "L" sign on my forehead). Yours is very pretty.

TheJenmeister said...

I too have not yet gotten the Clap. Wokring on it--I have the yarn. Just as soon as my Christma sknitting is complete...Yours is quite fabulous. I love the way the triple strands look in the drop stitch rows. Rock on!

merry said...

I'm making my first Clapotis now. Yours is lovely! I would like to make one in KnitPicks Shimmer too. Can you tell me how much yarn you used total? I see you triple stranded it. Thanks and great job!