10 November 2005

Gyrid is all finished!!

I finally finished my gyrid top! Here it is! I didn;t mean to not show my face in the pictures but I was using the self-timer and that one happened to be the best picture of the shirt but I didn't have it lined up right to get my face.
The finishing was the hardest part because a lot went wrong! Nothing I couldn't fix, though. I seamed the sides and knitted the neckline a few nights ago and then tried it on, expecting it to be fabulous and was very disappointed to see that it bunched a lot around the bottom of the waist. It was pretty bad. That was the biggest problem and it was totally my fault too. I discovered after I had knitted a fair amount of the front that there was an error in the pattern and instead of knitting for 3 inches before starting the waist shaping, I should have only knitted 1 1/4 inches. I didn't want to start over, naturally, so I assumed it wouldn't really matter only to discover that it really did matter. So, when I thought I was done I had to go back and rip out the first 15 rows on each piece, and reknit the bottom edge. The result is that it's about an inch shorter than it was originally but it's okay. I also had to knit the neckline 3 times because it was too bunchy and scratchy and then it was bound off too tightly and didn't stretch enough but I finally got it right!

Here are the details:

Pattern: Gyrid from Elsebeth Lavold's book 'The Viking Knits Collection'
Yarn: Silky wool (actually the same yarn the pattern was written for- that hardly ever happens!)
Knit for: My lovely mother
Changes I made: I made the armholes 1 inch shorter that the pattern was written and added 1" to the body to keep it the same length. I also knit the bottom edge and neckline with size 5 needles instead of size 4. I picked up way more stitches around the neckline than the pattern called for because it was too bunchy with the 'correct' number of stitches. Finally, I added a cable detail on the back because it was too boring for my taste. The cable pattern was from the same pattern book.
Lessons learned: Look for errata BEFORE starting a project! That was a hard lesson. Because of my error I unravelled from the cast-on edge for the 1st time. I learned that it's much more tedious but less difficult than I had thought it would be.

That's all, folks! I hope my mom appreciates it come Christmas!


laurie said...

Oh, Casey, it's beautiful. And you're so brave with your alterations and frogging from the cast-off edge. I'm glad it all turned out so well.

laurie said...
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laurie said...

I meant cast-on edge, of course

Bonnie said...

What a great design and the color is perfect! And it fits you prefectly!

Sarah said...

That is so beautiful. I wonder how it would look with fitted sleeves that have the same knotted pattern on the upper arm...Ouuu, chills ;P This is really quite lovely.

Brooklyn Handspun said...

The sweater is amazing! It looks great on you.

janakianne said...

that looks really awesome, I LOVE the color!

yahaira said...

That looks gorgeous! Maybe I'll have to change my mind on the silky wool :)

ugh I hate erratas!

Kimberly said...


And that is a great tip on the errata.. probably should take a peek at that for torgier.. but then, I dont know if I want to find out I've done it wrong! lol