30 November 2005

I'm back after my tryptophan coma

I hope you all had a happy turkey day! My mom and her friend Allison came up from California and we had such a nice time. It was really fun to have our first holiday dinner in our new house. Despite my absence from my blog, I did do some knitting. I was just too busy entertaining to take any pictures.

Since I last posted, I started knitting the ruffles scarf and then ripped it all out. With the baby cashmerino it was looking much too much like a corkscrew and it didn't have any of the flowiness that the one pictured in the book did. So after a few more swatches I finally settled on this stitch pattern.I didn't think I would ever decide on a pattern that I liked but I'm over half done with this scarf and I think it's a keeper. I don't know I was being so picky.

I've also been working on my fog sweater. I really like it now that it's not just ribbing. It's going to be really warm, which is good because it's super cold here! It might snow tonight. I kind of hope it does. I don't have to do anything tomorrow and it would be nice to see snow out the window. I just walked outside barefoot and now my toes feel like icicles.
I'm almost done with Mike's flame sweater. I keep getting distracted and can't seem to finish. He's gone this evening so I think I'll work on it. I really am close to finishing and I do want to get it done.


Brooklyn Handspun said...

I really like that stitch pattern on the scarf - looks detailed but not over done.

candsmom said...

I love that stitch pattern you chose for the scarf. Very elegant and pretty. And your sweater looks fantastic, too!