20 January 2006

Happy Day

Blogger was being stupid yesterday and it wouldn't let me post this. Stupid blogger. So here is my posting that should have been here last night.

I went out to dinner tonight for my birthday and the restaurant printed special menus for us that looked like this:It was so cool to open it up and see my name! Little things make me happy.

In honor of my birthday, I started a project for me (sorry, mom, your socks will get done!). It's the backyard leaves scarf from Scarf Style. The yarn is Cascade Yarns Cloud 9 that I got on sale last weekend. I't 50% merino, 50% angora and it is SO soft and pretty! I don't really have very many scarves even though I love wearing them so I'm excited about this one!
I was tagged by Marie over at Brooklyn Handspun so here you go- a meme. Just what you wanted, I know- more info about me!

I tag my fellow Portland knitters! You're it!

What were you doing 9 years ago?

I was a freshman at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and I remember well because today's my birthday so it also was 9 years ago. I took a nap (because that's what college is all about, right?) and woke up to find that my roommates had sprinkled confetti all over our room in celebration. Yes, I was lucky enough to have two freshman year roommates. I think I remember this so well because the pieces of confetti were shaped like suns and moons and the little jagged edges of the suns embedded themselves in the super-short industrial carpet that we were lucky enough to have. The 3 of us spent the next 4 months yanking them out of the carpet whenever we were bored. There may still be some there. I'm not in touch with those girls anymore but also that year, I developed a great friendship with some lovely ladies that are still dear and close friends even though they live so far away!

What were you doing 6 years ago?
I don'r remember this birthday, but I was just starting my 2nd semester of my senior year and totally overwhelmed by my thesis. I also had just begun a relationship with the person who is now my husband. I had planned on being able to go anywhere and do anything after graduation as I was previously single and had nothing to keep me in any one place. That all changed because our relationship got serious pretty quickly but I did manage to find a job close to him that I liked. We never lived in the same city, though, until we got married a 1 1/2 years later. I don't recommend that- our phone bills were out of control for a while.

What were you doing one hour ago?
Standing outside in the grey drizzly weather while a bunch of crazy dogs ran around, playing with toys and getting wet in the rain. Now you're all probably wondering where I work. I'll let you guess if you so desire. (I'm actually posting this lots later than I originally wrote it. An updated 1 hour ago, I was at Jake's Famous Crawfish eating my complimentary chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and a pretty pink birthday candle on top. I'm not really a chocolate-loving gal but it was delicious!)

Name 3 movies you can't turn off if you stumble across them on television.
I am not someone who likes to watch movies over and over. My standard response is usually: "I just saw that, I don't want to watch it again!", to which my husband will tell me it was 6 months ago that I saw it. Hmmm . . . still too recent for me. I also don't have cable so I rarely stumble upon interesting movies on tv. I also don't use my cell phone for much of anything. I think I'm part of a dying breed.

Name 3 things you want to improve upon this year.
Keeping my house more orderly and free of clutter- mostly all the paper and junk mail that piles up. Recycle, recycle, recycle should be my new mantra.

I would like to improve upon my job situation. This would mean working harder to find a job I really like.

I would like to improve my understanding of knitting so that I could maybe design a pattern more complicated than a scarf.

Name 3 things you can't live without
My dog, yarn and hair products, in no particular order. My family, too, but I think that's kind of obvious.

Name 3 things you could....
Having to vaccuum, having to work, having to wake up before 8 in the morning.

Name 3 things you really like about yourself.
Despite being a slave to hair products, I really do like my hair.
I also like being able to do "domestic" things like cook, sew, knit, bake bread, but it's something people who don't know me well wouldn't guess about me.
I appreciate nature and can see beauty in a lot of things around me.


yahaira said...

happy belated bday!

your scarf is looking great. Ive never heard of that cp yarn, so of course now I must look it up : )

abbytrysagain said...

Happy Bday! I wish I could have been there last night-but I have been really sick and just needed to rest. Anyway-I hope your day was all that you wished for-sounds like it was pretty great! I have a little surprise for you-maybe I can give it to you Monday!

Shelley said...

I put it on my real life blog!

Sorry about Saturday. I'm an idiot. I'll update you on what happened tonight at knitting. it's funny really!