27 January 2006

I'm done with gift knitting!

Well, for a little while at least. My mom's socks were finished, mailed and recieved so that was a success.
They turned out really well and they are SO soft! I used Knitpicks sock garden and I recommend it. After finding a pattern that didn't result in horrible color pooling, I really enjoyed knitting it up. The colors are really pretty and 100% merino wool always feels so nice! The only downside it that they are not machine washable so if you don't want to handwash your socks, don't use this yarn.

The pattern I settled on (for those of you that missed it in my previous posts) is Cascading Leaves from the Towsend socks knitalong yahoo group. I changed it by making the ribbed section at the top longer, making the leg of the sock a lot longer that the original pattern, and by extending the pattern down the top of the foot. I think it makes for a much prettier sock. The only thing I'm not 100% happy about is how square the toe is. It rounds out nicely when the sock is being worn, but I prefer the look of a rounder toe so I think I'll modify that when I finish my own pair. All in all, I find this pattern really fun to knit, which is good because I still have to finish my own pair!

1st in line for finishing, though, is my backyard leaves scarf. It's almost done so I'll post an updated picture soon. I didn't think I would be this excited about a scarf but I simply can't wait to wear it!


candsmom said...

Your mom's socks are gorgeous!! I love the colorway you chose. That Cascading Leaves pattern is beautiful, too. I may have to join the KAL now. ;-) Can't wait to see your Backyard Leaves scarf! Take care! :-)

Brooklyn Handspun said...

THey came out great...and you deserve to do some selfish knitting now!