23 May 2006

1 more day to win yarn!!

Yes, that's right, you can win yarn. And knitting books, or a Starbucks card. How can you win you ask? Let me tell you.

Seven friends including fellow knit-blogger Kirsten are going to Croatia to work on a ship called the Logos Hope. Kirsten, Lisa and Julie used to live on a ship called the Doulos that was part of a Christian ministry. They went to countries in Asia, bringing a floating bookstore, conference center and hope to people that really needed it.

Now, years later, there is a new ship-the Logos Hope- that is in dry dock in Croatia being revamped an refitted to be part of this mission. My friends are going for 3 weeks to chip rust and do wahtever needs to be done but they need money to get there. It just happens that Croatia is an expensive place to fly to.

Enter the contest! Jen set up a contest to help them raise money. Donate $7 or more and you will have a chance to win a fabulous prize, but you only have until midnight Wed, the 24th! Sorry I didn't let you know soomer but I was out of town for the weekend. Visit Jen's blog for details about the contest and Kirsten's blog for details about the trip. There's a link on her sidebar to a letter she wrote about it.

The pictures are just part of the possible prizes you may win. Vesper sock yarn, Socks that Rock yarn and others could be yours!

As a last note, for the record, Kirsten and the others are the fabulous kind of Christians that are more about "what can I do for you?" than "believe what I do or else." If you choose to support them, they would be very thankful.

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trek said...

A worthy cause!
Apparently, white is dressy but colors are not.
I was LOL on the flower mix up and congratulate you on the skirt.