17 May 2006

Letters and packages

Before I get to the letters and packages, I would like to tell you about my outfit today. It's really pretty boring- kakhi capri pants (because it's HOT here in Portland!) and a white t-shirt. My job has a pretty relaxed dress code. We can't wear jeans and polo shirts or collared shirts are preferred. T-shirts are okay, though, as long as they don't have logos and are made out of "nice material" and v-necks are usually fine because somehow they are nicer than crew necks.


I bought a new white v-neck t-shirt last night and decided to wear it to work today. I felt slightly uncomfortable despite the fact that it's within the dress code limits because it's still just a basic, white, bought-it-at-Target t-shirt that in the right light you can almost see through.

I shouldn't have worried, though, because I had not one, not two, but three different people tell me that I looked nice today and it seemed like I had dressed up. Now I'm wondering what I usually look like because all that was new was a white t-shirt people!! I didn't even wash my hair this morning and the only make-up I had on was mascara. Seriously, a white t-shirt is dressing up? I work with crazy people.

Okay, pictures. I got a lovely package from Ms. Bugheart a few days ago with a lovely skirt from her Great Monday Giveaway. I thought I was just getting the skirt but this is what she sent me! It was very happy to come home to.I got cute Japanese stickers, a note pad and the dark blob is a ball of green yarn. I have also recieved some lovely fabric from Yahaira from her Monday giveaway but I haven't had a chance to take a pitcure yet.

I also came home to these on the same day! I was so excited that someone had sent me flowers. Then I read the card and realized they were not meant for me. They were for the lady who lived in my house before I bought it. It was from some organization to thank her for "all she does" for them. I don't know what she's been doing for them in the last year that I've been living in the house and she has been living 2 states away but whatever. I got pretty flowers! Because I'm behind (what's new) in the abc-along, I'll have my letter I stand for Identity mix-up.

And the fabulous letter J: July wedding! One of my dearest friends is getting married in July and she lives in El Salvador. Mike and I just bought our plane tickets. Central America, here we come! I need a vacation badly. July can't come soon enough.

No knitting today! My moms loved their Mother's Day scarves and sleeve #1 of my corset pullover is coming along slowly. I won't bore you with pictures.


Shelley said...

Ohhh flowers are nice even if they are accidental!

Karen said...

Isn't it discouraging when you get all dressed up and no one comments - but then you throw something together and get lots of praise?? Oh well, I guess any compliments are nice to hear!! Love the presents and the flowers (even if they were for someone else - I guess she didn't do too much for them in the past two years if they don't even know where she is!!)

AmyArtisan said...

What fun stuff in the mail & the surprise flowers! The wedding/vacation sounds like it will be a lot of fun! :)