21 June 2006

Yeah summer!

Happy summer solstice, everyone! My summer started out gloriously sunny and not too hot. A perfect day except that I was at work. At least I get to work outside. When I woke up this morning, my plan was to come home from work and put on my corset pullover and take some pictures out in the sunshine. (In my mind, my days don't really start until I come home from work. It's sad, really.)

It would have been perfect.The 1st day of summer was just so pretty that it made me think of strawberries and how I had to have some. So after work I bought pesticide-free strawberries from the farmer that grew them! and that had just been picked this afternoon! They are the best strawberries I have ever had and I don't say that lightly.

So, instead of modeling my corset pullover for you, I made strawberry-mint jam with mint from my garden. It's delicious. I wish I could share it with everyone.

Meanwhile, I am busy planning my next project. I'll just say that it involves the state fair and something from this beautiful book and I'm looking forward to knitting it. Details coming soon.Something else I'm excited about is my LAWN!! This is my "L" for the abc-along. For the last few months, my lawn has looked like this. Then it was seeded and mulched and for a while it looked like the back yard was a stable with all the straw. But now, after countless hours of hard work, baby grass is starting to grow through the straw mulch. I WILL have a lawn before the summer is over! Can you tell I'm excited? Croquet, here I come.


Karen said...

Happy Summer!!!! The strawberries look so good - I may have some for breakfast myself! (Of course, mine are from the grocery store and won't be nearly as good.) Isn't it fun when everything starts to grow? We've been enjoying fresh herbs from my garden and my squash plant has it's first big bloom. (Hopefully the squirrels won't eat it before it becomes a squash - that's what happened last time) You will still model the corset in the sun for us, right? And I can't wait to hear more about your big project!!

AmyArtisan said...

The strawberry mint jam sounds so yummy! Homemade garden goodies are definitely a Yeah Summer thing! :)